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Or, "Oh my God Stephen who are these people you keep talking about, will you just shut up already?"

Drake Valkonan: Stephen's uncle. One of the premiere Sons of Ether in his canon. At the time Stephen was taken, he was currently missing in action. The original wielder of the Superstring Sword that Stephen now carries.

Shirina "Siryn" Farrar-Valkonan: Stephen's mother, also a Cultist of Ecstasy. She embarrasses her son just a little bit. Just a little. She is the main mediator and peacekeeper of the Cabals of the Four Seasons as a member of the Summer cabal.

Simon Valkonan: Stephen's father. Also a Son of Ether, but a research junkie/build monkey. Also a member of the Summer cabal. In possession of a familiar in vehicle form. Said familiar is named Pythagorus. Pythagorus likes chocolate pudding. Put it right in the fuel tank, thank you very much.

Morgan Knight: Playboy, heir to the Knight estate and fortune. Akashic Brother and martial artist. Stephen's best friend in the world, nearly inseparable since Morgan's return from the temple he was raised in. Morgan's parents (his mother was a Euthanatos; his father, a Glass Walker Garou, and a stranger pair you have never seen, trust me) died in a Freakfoot frenzy in the sewers when he and his twin sister, Andrea, were 4 years old. Andrea went to her father's Sept, Siryn sent Morgan to Colorado. Later they found that Andrea became a Glass Walker like her father before her.

Black Sunshine: Not present in Trans 9 for many reasons. Stephen's very own vehicular familiar, a 2021 V8 Mustang hardtop. Stephen's pride and joy and in direct opposition to Morgan's mundane car, the Infinity. Much drag racing has ensued. Voiced by Amanda Pays in my head (briefly affected by bad player memory. British voice. Srsly.) She prefers Milky Ways in her fuel tanks, if you please. Stephen insists they are a bitch to clean up when she's messy. Which is often.

Ronald Emmett Volasko: Stephen's second cousin. Creator of the neutron cannon. With Drake missing in action, he is one of the few who have stepped up in the Traditions' endeavors to Save the World. Sort of an unwitting member of the Adventurer faction, more because of Drake's influence than anything else.


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