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Name:Stephen Valkonan
Birthdate:Nov 22
Character's name: Stephen Valkonan
Character's LJ: sonofether
Character's canon: White Wolf--Mage: The Ascension, specifically Sons of Ether.

Brief personality outline of your character: For the most part, Stephen is a relatively reserved guy, usually content to tinker with things and jury-rig mad-Science gadgets together. He's loyal to a fault, and tends to stand by people he's named his friend, even if it's his impression that they're working on heading towards their own personal train-wreck. But if someone crosses him, or worse, one of his friends, the sharp-tongued bastard gets let out of his cage to fight back with snarky remarks--or his fists, if it comes down to it. He'd prefer to talk his way out of a problem, but that doesn't always seem to work.

He has his moments of charm, but he also has his moments of seeming the complete Absent-Minded Professor...what was I talking about again?

Stephen has a stubborn streak a mile wide; once he's decided something, he usually isn't about to change his mind without a lot of empirical evidence contrary to his position, or an impassioned plea. He's also not immune to a pretty face, but he's more respectful of women, with an earnest little-boy quality about him. There are times where it's like he's seeing things through his personal set of Ether-Goggles with new eyes.

There are times where he is mercurial: laughing and happy one moment, and then brooding and sullen the next. He takes the idea of upholding the Traditions seriously, and upholding the Sons of Ether doubly so. He can be very prideful, which also leads to him being a bit of a jackass, and more than a bit of a jerk, which also means he can on occasion come off a bit too full of himself. But in the end, he means well.

The Sons of Ether belong to White Wolf, and I don't challenge that claim. Stephen Valkonan belongs to me. The Valkonan family/name was created by Jason Marlor in April of 2002 (if not earlier because my memory is crap), and I use it with his permission.

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biology, chemistry, computers, czar vargo, ether, explosions mean progress, nikola tesla, robotics, sons of ether

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