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Stephen Valkonan ([personal profile] sonofether) wrote2010-06-02 03:44 pm

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Stephen is exactly 6'2. His father, Simon, is Caucasian-American, while his mother, Siryn, is Indian-American, which is where you get the interesting alchemy of aquamarine blue eyes with permanent tan and black hair.

He's nearsighted and needs glasses. If he hasn't got a pair lying around someplace, he can use his goggles as a stand-in.

He has armband tattoos on both arms-- on the left is script in Urdu (of what, I can't remember, boohiss). The right armband looks like metallic bronze with an inset, but singed and shattered gem, with smoke billowing from it. This smoke trails over his right shoulder to become a phoenix spread across his back and shoulders, in full color.

Any questions, feel free to comment and ask 'em!